Katrina McHugh is an artist, author, creative director and co-founder of Flight Design Co

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She delights in the mystery of “things she does not understand,” a category that encompasses a great deal, including but not limited to popular song lyrics, emotions, and photosynthesis. Her recently released book, Pop Charts: 100 Iconic Lyrics Visualized," is a project that started when she inherited a set of vintage encyclopedias from her grandfather. Falling in love with the natural science images and retro style, she began creating posters that diagrammed song lyrics as a personal submission to the 100 Day Project. An avid music-lover the songs and lyric choices were often autobiographical or based on something heard in passing that particular day. 

Fascinated by the inner workings of the creative process, she is passionate about trying new things and cultivating a sense of play. Current endeavors include salsa dancing and very humble attempts at learning how to play the ukulele. She majored in Book Arts, loves to travel and work abroad, wore an eye-patch as a child and enjoys moderately long walks on the beach with her elderly terrier, Francine. She lives and works in San Francisco.